Why people like me shouldn’t have super powers!

In recent years, I’ve watched tons of superhero movies and I’ve been wondering what would I be like if I had special abilities. Not that I’m cynical or anything, but I think there are very good reasons why God made me this ordinary. Here are some that I was able to come up with:

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How to Idly Kill Time…

I have a few hours to kill, so what is a girl to do? Easy, eat cake! I go up to the coffee shop and asked for a quiet table for one. I forgot my earphones so I can’t zone up, I don’t really feel like reading. That’s when I notice them, the people with something to do, somewhere to be… Continue reading “How to Idly Kill Time…”

The Silent Protest

This a couple months late, I apologise for that but I really wanted to put it up.

She shouldn’t have to feel like it’s her fault. It shouldn’t be her secret to keep. She was just a child, and you were supposed to be taking care of her. But you took advantage of the vulnerability, the trust they placed in your hands. This should be your shame, your guilt. Not hers. Yet she’s the one hurting. The one silenced by what the world will see her as. Silenced to mistrust everyone because you broke her, and society allowed you to. 

How tragic is it that at age 5, she already knew her place as inferior? How unfair it was to strip her of the innocence of youth, and yet force her to carry the weight of covering it up.

If she’s lucky she can bury it so far down, that she can go days, weeks, feeling normal, pretending it never happened. But in the dark corridors, when whispers of similar tragedies circulate, the pain resurfaces. But how?! How can we let this keep happening?

It’s our fault that she feels so powerless. Her tragedy goes unrecorded, so we go on unaffected. Yet thousands like her go on hurting.

It’s time to give them back their voice, their power.

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I’m Back

It’s been a quite a while since the last time I posted anything. Fortunately, school is coming to an end, which comes with a greatly appreciated reduced workload. This means I will have more free time to write and read, and basically relax.

I will be here more regularly, as I transition from university student to unemployed twenty-something. But as much as I love it here, I hope the unemployed phase doesn’t last long. Continue reading “I’m Back”

The Good Guy

I’m not the good guy here, let me make that clear straight away. In this story, no one is.

I recently saw a quote that said something along the lines of “The wolf will always be the bad guy if Red Riding Hood is telling the story” And it got me thinking… Real life is way more complicated than fairy-tale. The characters aren’t as clear as you would imagine. Continue reading “The Good Guy”