Spaceman: A Misadventure

A myth tends to be a narrative from so long ago in the past that no one cares if it’s true. This is like a myth but this story is set way in the future that the same indifference is given to its factuality. That may sound confusing but just go with it.

Brent Miller was a man full of unfulfilled potential, which is pretty much the worst sort of potential to have. A father of none, friend to few, and working a loathsome job. Even he wondered the point to his existence, with no convincing answer to date.

Maybe this internal struggle was the reason Brent was ready to take such a big risk, or maybe he was just naïve. We’ll never know. Continue reading “Spaceman: A Misadventure”


The Brief Tale of Grey Lukewarm

There lived a girl named Grey Lukewarm. People say that your name reflects your personality, and Grey was no exception, nor were any of the characters to come.

Decisive Dee Logic and Grey were never friends but unfortunately were constantly forced to work together in school. Due to alphabetically reasons obviously – not for the enhancement of the plot. Continue reading “The Brief Tale of Grey Lukewarm”

Heads or Tails

Knock! Knock! The taps on the door matched the beating of her heart Thump! Thump!

“Hey, Tiwonge. What’s up?” Matt asked with the sort of cool charm that made her legs weak and her heart thump louder.

“Matt?” Half surprised to even be here. This wasn’t like her at all. But alas, here she was. “Matt! Heads or Tails?”

He chuckled, amused by her randomness so early in the morning. “Heads”

With that, she walked away, content with the answer the Universe had given. Yet, not ready to disclose that information to Matt. But he didn’t pursue it, at least not now.

Continue reading “Heads or Tails”