Hi there, I’m Temweka and welcome to Beauty in the Words

I named this blog after one of my favourite songs, Beauty in the World by Macy Gray. I remember it was featured in the last episode of the final season of Ugly Betty. It fit so perfectly with the end of the series, I was instantly hypnotised.
That’s pretty much all you really need to know about me:
1. I’m obsessed with music
2. I’m obsessed with TV
3. I’m easy to hypnotise.

There is so much wonder still in the world, if we take a moment to look around. I feel that same sort of awe when I finish a good book or stumble upon a beautiful poem or song. There is definitely beauty in those words. (Get it?)

Then I began to wonder if I had something beautiful to share. Jury’s still out on that, but I thought I best give it a try. Most of the things here will lean towards my bookworm-ish side; so book reviews, short stories and poems I dabbled with, a few topical issues too.

So wander through the pages, don’t hesitate to leave a like or a comment if you want to, would appreciate it.

I hope you find some beauty here…

And remember, Every Day is a Day to Rock it (See what I did there?!). Enjoy!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch