Why people like me shouldn’t have super powers!

In recent years, I’ve watched tons of superhero movies and I’ve been wondering what would I be like if I had special abilities. Not that I’m cynical or anything, but I think there are very good reasons why God made me this ordinary. Here are some that I was able to come up with:

  1. I’m a wimp. No doubt about it, if my spidey senses pick up any danger, I definitely running in the opposite direction. Heck! my abilities would help me be the first one out of there.tenor
  2. Simple Victories. A win is a win, but sometimes scale means something. See, I imagine myself using those spidey web-slinger thingies to grab a book on the top shelf at the bookstore rather than saving a falling bus or something. Honestly, why do they put books that high? Do you not want people to look at them?! Serious struggles of a short girl. anigif_enhanced-buzz-17771-1382981756-6
  3. Responsibility Avoider. I can barely deal with the weight of my own life on my shoulders, how could I possibly handle the world. (But let’s be real, these heroes only really save their cities, not the whole world unless it’s a crossover movie.) No thank you, I’m ok with my regular minimal responsibility filled life. Adulting is hard enough. d41339a1ca4823cf39fa29453d41d073186851f2a09f0b07513024e1af43ebc8
  4. It’d go to my head. Humility is a great ability for any person, but imagine how much harder it is for someone who could destroy half the universe with the snap of their fingers. Nobody needs me running around screaming “Look who saved the world again? ME!” download
  5. I’m awesome just as I am. Now, I don’t mean to get soppy, but for real, we are all uniquely designed and we don’t need superpowers to feel special or that’s the only way to make a difference. Firemen, doctors, lawyers, therapists, charity and social workers and so many others save and serve people all the time without superhuman abilities. So don’t underestimate your awesomeness. Stay Blessedyoure-awesome

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