Background Music

I am the background music in the elevator,

The notes playing so softly, you ignore me.

A sound so unforgettable, I play arbitrator

Between you and this awkward silence.

But you don’t listen


Please hear me, I plead

Quiet the world and hear me! I bleed

This is your last chance

For I cannot raise my voice.


To be a dreamer

I am a dreamer

I believe there is more than this immediate reality

I sustain myself with hope

I will make it through this storm

I understand the importance of wild optimism

Even in the face of drowning fear

Because I am a dreamer.

#1 Pragma: Stand in Love

When I was a child, I got it into my head that I was the reason for my parents’ love. That before me they existed rather plainly, without the most profound level of love between parent and child.

But now that I’m older, I can see just how backwards I had it. ‘Cause it’s not me who made their love, their love created me.

It’s a beautiful thing to watch this mature kind of love:

It’s the type of love that’s always there without having to announce itself;
The kind that doesn’t want to leave without a kiss goodbye;
The kind that chooses to sit next to each other even after all these years;
The kind that will still take the time to entertain each other.

This love did everything in its power to shield us from the misery of the world. It wasn’t about having plenty, it was about having enough. Enough warmth, protection, opportunities; enough comfort laughs, support and most of all enough love.

I love you, mum and dad. I pray for a love like yours.


PS: Pragma – Ancient Greek for a mature type of love. This was the deep understanding that developed between long-married couples. (Source)