Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (and Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling – A Review

Genre: A glimpse into the mind of this wonderful woman.

Synopsis: A collection of essays documenting the life of Mindy up to 2011.

My thoughts:

The Mindy Project is one of my favourite shows so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to know a little more about the show’s creator.

[Aside: I’m one of those people who get a bit obsessive when I like someone (fictional or otherwise).]

It was fascinating to read about Mindy Kaling, rather than Mindy Lahiri because as you can imagine, I had superimposed the two into one person.

It is unmistakably Mindy’s voice. I swear you can hear her distinct high pitch as her comments on ‘the kind of famous she wants to be’ in your head as you read this. It’s hilarious! What’s also great is that it isn’t a long book, so all you really need a free weekend, and it’ll feel like you spent the day with an old friend.

A few issues I had were that since this was written in 2011, it doesn’t feature any of the work and experiences that happened to bring the Mindy Project to life. Fortunately, she has a new book, Why Not Me? -So Silver Lining! Another thing is that I didn’t watch much of the Office (both the original British series or the American remark) so a lot of those references are lost on me and so are the “older pop culture” references. I don’t really remember much in terms of life lessons, except trying to make it in New York is hard. This is the kind of book that shows you that there’s more to the people that play your favourites on TV.

Verdict: If you’re bored after binge watching The Office, and you want to more of Kelly Kapoor, why not read this to keep Mindy close by.

Recommendation: If you like biographies of your favourite stars, and Mindy is one of those stars, then this is definitely one to read.

Also here are a few Mindy gifs and pics because why not.





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