After You by Jojo Moyes – Review

*Spoiler Warning: This post contains possible spoilers for Me Before You, the first book in this series.

Genre: What happened to Louisa Clark after Me before You.

Synopsis: After Will Traynor’s Death, Louisa must find a way to carry on with her life and live it to the fullest as he would have wanted. But 18 months later, Lou is struggling; working a dead-end job, simply drifting along. Then a nearly fatal accident thrusts new people into her life. A kind paramedic and strong spirited teenager. Hopefully, they are exactly what she needs to start over.

My thoughts:  Sequels are hard and this is no expectation. Good luck to the third book, according to USA Today, Jojo Moyes intends to make this a trilogy.

I thought Me Before You was amazing, It made me weep silly, and I rewatched the movie (and played the soundtrack) more that I’d like to say. So you can imagine my excitement to know what happens next. But After You wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. Granted I don’t know exactly what I was expecting.

The thing about Me Before You is that aside from the romance it addresses a very heated topic, ie euthanasia. That despite having all these people trying to convince Will to live, it was not the life he wanted. If you love someone like Louisa loved Will, you have to let them go, and that can make the time together even more epic. I appreciated that ending, it felt genuine.

Similarly, After You attempts to deal with the grief of being left behind, which makes sense and is done impeccably. It’s the other details that I have difficulty accepted. Maybe I’m just being petty, but it felt like a lot was happening at once. Some of which felt a bit unnecessary, to be honest.

With that said, I did enjoy reading it, and I will probably read the next one too. Jojo Moyes is a seasoned author and it shows.

Verdict: If you liked the first book, quench your curiosity about Lou’s Life after Will.

Recommendation: Well, I have referred to Me before You a lot in this review, so that might be a good starting point. Jojo Moyes also have a myriad of other books.


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