On the Other Side by Carrie Hope Fletcher

Author: Carrie Hope Fletcher

Genre: A love story with a whole lot of magical realism

Synopsis: The novel follows the final adventures of Evie Snow who has passed away but cannot access her personal heaven because her soul is too heavy. In order to be granted admission, she must unburden herself of the secrets of her one true love, Vincent Winters, she’s kept from her family.

My thoughts: The story is well written with a lot of detail that helps you imagine this peculiar world. It is much like our world with splashes of magic paint that warm your heart whenever they appear. There are a lot of adorable whimsical moments in this story as the tale of her love unfolds through flashbacks explaining the three deep secrets. I loved the whimsy!  The inclusion of magic reminds me of by Mitch Albom.

Although there being numerous cute warm bits in the book, there were also tearful moments. It can’t be easy to lose the love of your life or to be loved by someone you do not love back -nor to love someone who doesn’t reciprocate your feelings. Those parts were just as enjoyable, could even bring some to tears.

Despite loving most of the book, there were a few things that threw me off. I mentioned that the world is much like this one, so when you start reading it, it’s easy to place the flashbacks in time. I do believe magic is timeless and its presence doesn’t affect the storytelling, rather enhance it. Unfortunately, there were moments when I thought modern technology and terminology were used. I could be wrong but these things did shake me. The kind of feeling that has you googling when things were invented. But the story is fictional so it shouldn’t really matter.

Verdict: Winter holidays’ read with hot chocolate.

Recommendation: If you enjoy books by Cecelia Ahern or Jojo Moyes, this will probably appeal to you. In turn, if you enjoyed this, Love Rosie by Cecelia Ahern might be a good read for you. As well as The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom, if you enjoy the incorporation of magic to real world stories.


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