Hello 2017

So 2016 has come to an end, and 2017 is finally here. Whether that’s a good thing has yet to be determined. 2016 takes with it a lot of feelings, accomplishments, defeats and some regrets. A lot of feels, and I’m okay with that.

Now I must confess I have never been good at new year’s resolutions. I’ve tried and failed at the whole shebang. Even just coming up with something realistic to do that suits me and my personality (laziness) is a hassle.

The whole new year concept is just some arbitrary construct we use to measure time if you think about it. The only thing separating the 31st of December and the 1st of January is some imaginary finish line that doubles as a starting line.

The new year is usually rather daunting for me. I am forced to look back at as one-year ends, and wonder if I have really done what I’d set out to do? Have I improved as a human being? I guess as midnight draws closer, I become harder on myself. Which is crazy, ‘cause the new year is supposed to be full of opportunity.

I always thought things would get real once I finished school, and no doubt shit got real. I kind of imagined there would be some switch in my brain labelled ‘ADULT’, that when I graduated it would automatically switch it on. And I would know how to live my life. Unfortunately, it seems a bit faulty, so I have to do it that old fashioned way, you know -grow up.

However, something the Priest said at Church on Sunday struck a chord with me. He said that we should be grateful to have made it this far. That God has willed our continued existence, and surely there is a purpose of this.

“If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough,” he said. “But you have to go after them. You have to chase them”

My fortune for 2017

So back to 2017, what I lack in resolve to set to random items on a list, I intend to make up for in optimism. I want to believe. Believe in the future, and the happiness it can bring.


The road is unclear for now, but I have my dreams. They must lead somewhere, right. Who cares if it’s the right way, some people like getting lost. I think it’s high time I get lost in the possibility for a while, enjoy the journey.


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