The Brief Tale of Grey Lukewarm

There lived a girl named Grey Lukewarm. People say that your name reflects your personality, and Grey was no exception, nor were any of the characters to come.

Decisive Dee Logic and Grey were never friends but unfortunately were constantly forced to work together in school. Due to alphabetically reasons obviously – not for the enhancement of the plot.

Now, whenever they were given a project, their debates on the appropriate course of action would run on for hours. It would begin with Dee taking a position immediately, while Grey wouldn’t be as sure. So, she would always offer counter solutions. Then when Dee, being as logical as she is, would see reason in Grey’s suggestion, Grey would switch sides as well. The process would repeat itself several times over until Dee would get fed up, and simply make up her mind and stick to it.

This was their relationship, for their last names bound them ‘til death or the end of high school, whichever came sooner. And on some occasions, Dee daydreamed about seeing the Grim Reaper take her away or better yet take Grey. But even he would be annoyed by Grey’s inability to choose between Heaven and Hell.

One day, a new student arrived, Discordia Eros, a beautiful Italian girl who found enjoy in causing discord everywhere she went. Her arrival alone had disrupted the normal pairing of class projects. It meant that from now on Grey would be working with Procrastinate Malinger. He was a vile young man nicknamed Lazy because he was the embodiment of sloth and apathy.

Grey could never decide what to do, while Lazy would resort to his signature phrases saying “We can decide later” or “We’ll do it in a minute”. During this time, Grey found a new appreciation for Dee’s stringent need for an answer, a choice, or at the very least an opinion.

For if indecisiveness and procrastination ever became a couple, nothing would ever happen.



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