Positivity Challenge

I, personally, have struggled with depression in the past. And it’s not something that was easy to overcome, there’s no switch in your brain that can make you forget all the not-so-good feelings you have inside. Everyone’s battle is different, and winning the war takes a lot of time. But fortunately, I am in a better stage of my life now. Of course, it has its ups and downs but I’m smarter or wiser or healthier now, and I know how to handle the downs more or less.

But lately, I have been feeling the downs creeping in. With a mounting workload, you sometimes feel this paralysing fear.

“Where do I begin to tackle any of this?”

“I don’t know, honey.”


Moving on, so to help me keep calm and carry on, I decided to challenge myself to think positively for 30 days. The aim is to share love, give thanks, and keep hope.

Arbitrary rules:

  1. Dedicate each day to one thing you are grateful for, or happy about
  2. 30 days overall not necessarily consecutively
  3. Keep it as positive as possible but keeping it real (minimal sugar coating)


I wrote this a while ago, and the stress of uni is now over, but I thought the intention is pretty nice. So I will try it anyway. Wish me good luck.

If you wanna try it too, go ahead. Enjoy!


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