Boys in Books are indeed Better

I won’t pretend that I know much about love and relationships, but I have had a few, and in all honesty, they didn’t suck. However, I was recently listening to Carrie Fletcher’s song “Boys in Books are Better”, and reminisced of when I used to listen to this song non-stop and thought it was so true.

Now, I’m not man-hating (nor is she) but it is so much easier to fall in love with these characters because they are always there for you when you pick up that book. They are as complex as their pages allow, and once those pages have been read, they don’t change. You know exactly who they are, you’ve followed their journey, their growth through the eyes of a skilled wordsmith.

Hopefully, they are real, flawed, complex, and believable and you probably wouldn’t want to deal with them in real life – who really wants a sparkling vampire boyfriend? But for the space of time that you enter their world, they are perfect. And I just love that!

This was a convoluted way of saying that I love books, I love their characters – male and female. So I have decided to start this blog about the books I’ve read, my thoughts on them, and most likely how much they made me cry (honestly, not a difficult task for books).

Hope you enjoy it, stay tuned for more.

– Temweka

Every day is a day to rock it


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